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Institution setting

Relying on Tsinghua University, the National Engineering Laboratory for Big Data System Software is constructed through the cooperation of “Production, Study, Research & Application” and implements the director responsibility system under the leadership of the Council.


Organizational Structure


As the macro decision-making body of the Lab, theBoard has main responsibilities as follows: making the regulations of association of the Council, determining the development direction and research fields of the Lab, recruiting and appointing the Lab Director, as well as reviewing and approving annual work plan and annual financial budget and other major issues. The Council shall be composed of the legal entity of the project, relevant co-construction units and relevant leaders and experts within the industry, each with a tenure of three years.

2.Technical Committee

Duties of the Technical Committee: providing advice and guidance on the development direction, research areas and major technical issues of the Lab.

3.Laboratory Directors

The management of the Lab is modeled on the Lab Director responsibility system under the leadership of the Council, with one director and several deputy directors, and each director or deputy director has a full-time director assistant who assists engineering laboratory directors in daily management.

4.The first-batch leaders


QIU Yong, Principal of Tsinghua University

Vice Chairmen:

CHEN Jie, Vice Principal of Beijing Institute of Technology

XUE Qikun, Vice Principal of Tsinghua University

LIAO Xiangke, Principal of School of Computer, National University of Defense Technology

WANG Haifeng, Vice President of Beijing Baidu Netcom Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Technical Committee Director:

LU Jianhua, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Lab Director:

SUN Jiaguang, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

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