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Development Vision

In the future, the Lab will 1) take innovation-driven development and independent safety control as the mission; 2) focus on the urgent demands of transformation and upgrading of China's industry, military and national defense security and other fields; 3) give full play to the advantages of data scale in related fields; 4) focus on the demands of the application; 5) take complementary advantages and misplaced development as the principle; 6) innovate core technologies of big data system software; 7) develop big data system software and tools; 8) build innovation platforms of big data system software; and 9) accelerate the development of big data industry, thereby providing impetus and support for cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries. The construction of the Lab will make the following three important contributions to the development of China's big data industry:

1) Lead China's big data system software innovation, improve the self-controllable level of big data technology

Conduct R&D of high level innovation results, occupy the frontier of technology, and promote the collaborative development of China's big data system software and international open-source community. Combined with the demands of China’s key fields such as government governance, industry, agriculture and public services for big data applications, the Lab will form a number of systems and tools with independent intellectual property rights, and foster an integrated development environment, so as to improve China’s basic processing capacity of big data. At the same time, the Lab will give the technical achievements back to the open-source community, actively participate in the existing open-source projects, and establish an open-source projects led by China's institutions to realize the collaborative development with the international big data system software community.

2) Speed up the improvement of China's big data industry chain, facilitate the industrial transformation and upgrading and social governance innovation

Conduct R&D of big data system software that meets the needs of the fields and expands the application of big data therein. Starting from the actual demands of key fields such as government governance, industry, agriculture, public services, and innovation & entrepreneurship, the Lab will solve the practical challenges of big data system software in the fields, get the developers, technical personnel, business personnel more involved in the development and use of big data application, and thus improve the big data industrial chain from the data through the system to the application.

3) Build an international, open sharing platform for big data system software to promote the ecological development of big data

A national science and technology innovation base will be built through the combination of “Production, Study, Research & Application”. In cooperation with leading universities and enterprises in the R&D of big data system software technology, as well as big data application units in key areas, the Lab will integrate scattered technical teams onto a platform to build an integrated team of “Production, Study, Research & Application”, establish related technical R&D and testing platforms, thoroughly conduct key technology engineering innovation for big data system software, develop related products, and test and demonstrate them for verification purposes thereafter.

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