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  • Legal entity of the Lab: Tsinghua University

  • Construction unit involved: Beijing Institute of Technology

  • Co-construction units: National University of Defense Technology of the People's Liberation Army, Sun Yat-Sen University, Beijing Baidu Netcom Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Tencent Cloud Computing (Beijing) Limited Liability Company, Peking University, Renmin University of China, and Alibaba Cloud Computing Co., Ltd.

  • Cooperators: Innovation Center for Industrial Big Data, National Meteorological Center, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Information Center of Ministry of Environmental Protection of PRC, Petrochina Planning and Design Institute, Institute of Remote Sensing Information, Peking, First Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security of PRC, and Shenyang Fire Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security of PRC.

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National Engineering Laboratory For Big Data Software

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