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Main missions

Aimed at solving the shortage of open-source innovation of big data system software, and upon the urgent demand for the independent safety control of China’s system software, the Lab is to build application research platforms of big data system software, with its key support centered around R&D and engineering projects of integrated management of large-scale multi-source heterogeneous data, interactive heterogeneous data analysis framework, data visualization and smart data engineering, big data application development and operation environment, big data multi-source software reliable authentication technology, etc.

Through the establishment of open-source ecological community of big data system software, the Lab strives to 1) form a domestically first-class scientific research environment; 2) cultivate and pool high-end technical talents of big data system software; 3) actively undertake major scientific research projects on both national and industrial levels; 4) make and succeed in industrializing a batch of key technical achievements in multi-source heterogeneous data management and big data distributed computing framework; 5) build independent intellectual property rights and standardization systems of big data system software; and 6) form a sustainable, collaborative production-study-research innovation mechanism, thereby providing technical support to China’s technology progress and industrial development of big data system software.

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National Engineering Laboratory For Big Data Software

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